Home is not just built with a new house, but also a thriving community and shared ground. Here at Harmony, we are creating a community that is committed to a thoughtful and sustainable lifestyle. Environmental awareness throughout planning and development has led to open spaces, outdoor activities, and small but significant steps towards a bright and green future.

Environmentally friendly, family-friendly

Sustainability shows up in many ways in our neighborhoods. Street lights are low voltage to reduce electric power requirements and increase energy efficiency. Open spaces were designed as low water use to protect our water supply. Over 10 miles of trails, a 6.5 acre park, and open spaces were created to foster an active lifestyle and connection to the outdoors. The outdoor elements are seen at The Commons through programming and design even at the jungle gym with a slide built right into the natural landscape. The neighborhood school within Harmony encourages environmentally thoughtful practices such as students and parents walking to school activities. We’re all about creating a healthy and happy environment for your family to thrive.


High Plains Living

You can enjoy the sprawling open spaces and big blue Colorado skies at Harmony, knowing that our developer, Melcor Developments, considered the impact of land development on the natural environment. We trust Melcor in their dedication to environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainability.

Here are some of their practices and proactive development choices:

  • Low-impact development techniques to reduce and absorb runoff (smaller driveways, more greenspace)
  • Unique naturalized stormwater management ponds that mimic the natural environment – these first of a kind proved that we can re-create a very natural environment that attracts wildlife
  • Use natural land features as design features of the community
  • Use mature trees and native species in landscaping and require individual homeowners to do the same to not only beautify the community, but to increase natural absorption of rain water and snow melt
  • Our communities are filled with community gathering spaces – parks, playgrounds, community gardens and Orchards


Our Homebuilders

Each of our homebuilders has their own way of embracing sustainability with energy efficient homes and environmentally friendly building practices. Learn more about our builders and their sustainabilty efforts by contacting the sales associates: