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In Harmony, you’ll find the right size and price for this moment in your life—plus architecture with personality, floor plans with flair, and interiors overflowing with flexibility. (Because, hey, things change!) Keep on scrolling to use our home finder, explore models, and more.

Model Home Hours

D.R. Horton Model Home Hours

Monday – Tuesday 10AM-6PM

Wednesday 11AM - 6PM

Thursday – Saturday 10AM-6PM

Sunday 12-6PM

Model Home Hours

Richmond American Homes

Monday – Thursday | 10AM-6PM

Friday | 12-6PM

Saturday | 10AM-6PM

Sunday | 10AM-6PM

Model Home Hours

Dream Finders Homes

Monday – Saturday | 10AM-6PM

Sunday | 11AM-5PM


Inside our 7 head-turning model homes—by 3 celebrated builders—you’ll see your must-haves and your most-dreamed-about features come together.


With a combined 90+ years of experience, our home builders have a proud record of building homes across the Denver area, and around the nation.


Maybe you’re upgrading. Maybe you’re simplifying. Maybe this is your very first home purchase after an eternity of renting. Here’s what you should know.

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